Cam MacInnis
August 14, 2019

2019 Week 19 Projections

Wartortle would like to dedicate these projections to Ben "Big Papi" Michon.

Division Winners

Jeremiah 15-3-1

Tillo 15-4

Flex 13-2

Ryan 13-2

Jeremiah is now projected to have the best record in the league, while Ryan is once again winning his division.

Conference Seeds

Chris 15-4

Ben 14-5

Two good records make up the conference seeds.


Mike 12-7

Aidan 12-7

Ian has a real chance to jump into a wildcard spot.


Ian 11-8

Squirtle 10-9

Nick 9-10

Chow 9-10

Luc 8-10-1

Newton 8-11

Ash 7-12

Jemil 4-15

The top 7 teams in Europa can pretty much be penciled in but the spot Jemil holds is an opportunity for one of the vase teams to get an upset win and elevate their station.


RKR 4-15

Garth M 4-15

Lim 4-15

Elie 2-17