2019 Finals Endorsements

Cam continues in the spirit of Wartortle with more painfully short "articles."

2019 Finals Preview

Nick is still out, so your suffering continues.

Playoff Round 1 Review / Round 2 Preview

An All-Star cast of special guests brings you another exciting episode of The Weekly Show!

Yearly Division Recap

Stads runs the numbers on how each divsion performed in 2019 and figures out how they stacked up!

2019 Week 20 Review / Playoff Round 1 Preview

Nick, Jeremiah, and Stads review the "go-big-or-go-home" Week 20 and take a look at the first round of what promises to be an incredibly exciting postseason.

2019 Week 19 Review / Week 20 Preview

Nick and Stads examine whose heart's broke in Week 19, whose will break in Week 20, and how to overcome technical difficulties while podcasting!

2019 Week 20 Projections

WARTORTLE delivers its final projections for both Week 20 AND the playoffs!

Season 3 Episode 4: Flex would not have thought this league would have lasted this long

On the season finale of Better Know An Owner special guest Flex sits down with Nick to talk Flex Fox origins, slaps, and play the greatest game ever of Marry, Fuck, Kill.

2019 Week 18 Review / Week 19 Preview

With the season reaching a dramatic crescendo it's Nick, Stads, and Ben who look at a frenetic past week, a crucial coming week, and some vanity stats along the way.

2019 Week 19 Projections

With the playoff race narrowing WARTORTLE reacts to a couple of big wins and critical loses.