2019 Week 14 Review / Week 15 Preview

Nick and Stads have their hands full with this episode of The Weekly Show between the Bowl Week, Trade Deadline, Cottage Weekend, Week 15, and much more!

2019 Trade Deadline Day Preview

On the morning of the trade deadline Nick takes a look at some of the biggest questions that will be answered today.

2019 Week 14 Power Rankings

Garth M, the league's most secretive member, offers tantalizing insights for an extra special edition of the power rankings.

2019 Trade Deadline Preview

Cam takes a look at each owner and breaks down who intends to do what at the upcoming 2019 Trade Deadline.

2019 Week 13 Review / Week 14 Preview

Nick and Stads are back to look at a week of highs and lows and preview the most fun Shield/Bye/Bowl Week ever!

2019 Week 13 Projections

The latest projections see a big shakeup with a new division leader, conference seed, and wild card in the mix.

2019 Week 12 Review / Week 13 Preview

Nick teams up with a special guest star co-host for an extra intense episode of everybody's favourite weekly program.

Introducing the BCS

Nick unveils the latest FFFF innovation: a series of Bowl Games to be played over the Bye Week!

2019 Week 11 Power Rankings

The Power Rankings are reeling after the biggest betrayal ever.

2019 Week 12 Power Rankings

Chris provides a thorough, lengthy analysis of each team for his turn doing power rankings commentary.