Weekly Projections

Gather 'round the fire as Jameron deliver hard-hitting projections each week, based on their patented WARTORTLE model.

2019 Week 20 Projections

WARTORTLE delivers its final projections for both Week 20 AND the playoffs!

2019 Week 19 Projections

With the playoff race narrowing WARTORTLE reacts to a couple of big wins and critical loses.

2019 Week 18 Projections

Find out what WARTORTLE believes your future holds as the season nears its end and the playoff race tightens!

2019 Week 17 Projections

A tie, a wild card contender losing, and a newly resurgent Europa team all shake up this edition of the Weekly Projections.

2019 Week 16 Projections

After a number of close matchups in Week 15 the playoff projections are looking a lot different for many owners!

2019 Week 13 Projections

The latest projections see a big shakeup with a new division leader, conference seed, and wild card in the mix.

2019 Week 12 Projections

There's movement afoot in this week's projections as teams continue to jockey for playoff position.

2019 Week 11 Projections

Key wins shake up the projected standings, while the battle to stay out of the Vase intensifies!

2019 Week 10 Projections

WARTORTLE churns out the latest standings projections showing how an exciting week has impacted potential outcomes for various teams.

2019 Week 9 Projections

A new recurring segment appears: weekly standings projections powered by the almighty WARTORTLE!