Announcing: The 2020 League Draft Event

Nick unveils details surrounding the 2020 League Draft Event, scheduled to be hosted in Ottawa

A Financial Forecast for the Flex Fox Fantasy Federation

(Two of) you requested it, (all of) you are getting it.

Introducing: The FFFF Championship Belt

"This league is getting real boujee." - Ian "Stads, I Guess" Stadelmann

Proposing a new scoring system: the Guillotine

Nick proposes a brand new scoring system for the league, the Guillotine system, and goes through some of the pros and cons using real life examples.

2019 Finals Endorsements

Cam continues in the spirit of Wartortle with more painfully short "articles."

Yearly Division Recap

Stads runs the numbers on how each divsion performed in 2019 and figures out how they stacked up!

2019 Trade Deadline Day Preview

On the morning of the trade deadline Nick takes a look at some of the biggest questions that will be answered today.

2019 Trade Deadline Preview

Cam takes a look at each owner and breaks down who intends to do what at the upcoming 2019 Trade Deadline.

Introducing the BCS

Nick unveils the latest FFFF innovation: a series of Bowl Games to be played over the Bye Week!

A Sushi Roll for every FFFF Owner

Ian uses his culinary expertise to assign league members the sushi dish most appropriate for their team.

EXCLUSIVE: Tillo drops new diss track "Lyin' Ryan"

Ahead of a key matchup against Ryan it's time for Tillo to drop his latest diss track

In The Interest of Self-Serving Content

"Biggest prospect news that FFFF has ever posted"

Major FFFF Announcement

You'll never see this one coming.

FFFF 2020 Drafts and You

Garth N takes a look at Draft Picks, Lottery Odds, and Team Standings, all of which could affect potential trades going forward.


The biggest announcement in the history of Flex Fox Fantasy Federation.

Elite Players: Origins

Nick evaluates the origins of current Top 50 batters and pitchers to better understand how the Low Minors draft, High Minors draft, and MLB draft provide different streams of prospect talent available to teams.

Where the Stars of Tomorrow Play Today

Nick made a file with every Minor League prospects' current team and now he's eager to share!

2019 First Base Position Preview

Ian looks at who each owner has manning the ever-important cornerman role and ranks the teams accordingly

2019 Shortstop Position Preview

Jeremiah reviews the Top 20 Shortstops and analyses which teams have depth at this crucial position

Position Importance, Strength, Value, and You

Nick analyizes the results of the recent position importance survey and breaks down what the results say about the FFFF.

Bash Brothers Unveil BALCO Field

The Bash Brothers unveil their recently opened stadium, BALCO Field.


One of the most iconic moments in world history happened recently when Mike Kaminski slapped Flex Fox. Now, at last, the video of this triumphant event is LIVE!

Top 10 Tips for New Owners

Tillo offers tips and advice for league's new owners which also serve as a helpful referesher course for returning owners

2019 Draft Report Cards: Jeffrey Jungle

Cam concludes his 2019 Draft Report Cards series with some of his hottest takes yet for the teams in the Jeffrey Jungle

2019 Draft Report Cards: Twice the Division

I miss Twice the Deal.... - Flex

2019 Draft Report Cards: [Redacted]

The name of this division might be [Redacted] but that doesn't mean Cam holds anything back in his latest Draft Report Cards!