Flex Fox
January 7, 2020

The Future is Now, Old Man: League Changes for the 2020 and 2021 Seasons

We gotta make a change
It's time for us a a people to start makin' some changes

- 2Pac

As we approach the 9th season in FFFF history, we continue to adapt to the changing times. There are no revolutionary changes this time around, but please see below for a completed and detailed list.

Changes Starting in the 2020 Season
  1. New Owners
    Please welcome Graeme Kembel (@Graeme) on slack. He will be replacing Elie this season. Be on the lookout for a special offseason episode of BKAO featuring him in the next few weeks.

  2. 4 IL Spots Instead of 3
    We promised this last year, but forgot before it was too late to change. So.....yeah.

  3. Revised Playoff Crossover Rule
    Previously, the best team overall would play the 8th best team overall (and the 2nd best would play the 7th best) regardless of their conferences. We have updated the rule in the constitution (Section II, Article I) to mirror the CFL crossover rule:

    In the first round of the playoffs, the 2 seed in each conference will play the 3 seed in their conference. The 1 seed in each conference will play the 4 seed in their conference.

    If both wildcard teams are from the same conference the 1 seed overall will play the 8 seed overall, and the 2 seed overall with play the 7 seed overall.

  4. Minor Leaguers Must Have Their Rights Owned by a MLB Team
    This means that minor leaguers who become free agents in real life will be immediately be dropped from the Minor League Sheet. Technically, this was previously the case, but it was not enforced. The constitution has been updated to reflect that (Section III, Article II).

Changes Starting in the 2021 Season
  1. $50 League Fees
    In 2020, we expect to operate at a loss of roughly $400 CAD. In previous years, we routinely operated at a loss of $700-$800 CAD.

    In order to combat this, we will be raising league fees from $25 CAD to $50 CAD. As we address some of our expenses, we expect that this will also result in a raise in league prize values - though that will not be the case for the 2021 season.

There will likely be other changes for the 2021 season that we have not confirmed yet, but anything significantly affecting strategy will be appropriately delayed so that all owners have at least a full season of advanced notice.