Nick Penner
February 4, 2020

Announcing: The 2020 League Draft Event

There's no day more exciting in sports than draft day. The endless possibilities excited both fans and teams alike, while a fresh crop of talent enters the league and finds out who will control their destiny for approximately the next decade.

Just as iconic are the draft locations. Every league has that one spot where history has left an indelible trail and where some of the sports most memorable moments have happened. The NFL has Radio City Music Hall. The NHL has Montreal's Queen Elizabeth hotel. And the Flex Fox Fantasy Federation has...

Fisher Heights Community Place

Located in Ottawa's beautiful Fisher Heights neighbourhood, the Community Place has previously been home to such legendary events as the Fisher Heights & Area Community Association Annual General Meeting, the Fisher Heights Bridge Club, and the Fisher Heights 50+ Fitness Classes. And now, in 2020, history will be made once more as the greatest minds in the FFFF congregate to do some drafting.

(Also I'm on the FHACA board, so I got a good deal on the rental rate) 

The 2020 Draft will be taking place on the evening of Saturday, March 7th. The draft will be just one part of an exciting Ottawa weekend, with exact itinerary to come shortly. Rides and accommodations will be offered to the best of our abilities. Best of all, the draft event itself will be FREE for all league members.

To RSVP, please talk to Nick Penner on Slack (if he hasn't talked to you first) or just join the new channel #2020-draft-event.

And, as always, GET HYPE!