The Weekly Show

2019 Finals Preview

Nick is still out, so your suffering continues.

Playoff Round 1 Review / Round 2 Preview

An All-Star cast of special guests brings you another exciting episode of The Weekly Show!

2019 Week 20 Review / Playoff Round 1 Preview

Nick, Jeremiah, and Stads review the "go-big-or-go-home" Week 20 and take a look at the first round of what promises to be an incredibly exciting postseason.

2019 Week 19 Review / Week 20 Preview

Nick and Stads examine whose heart's broke in Week 19, whose will break in Week 20, and how to overcome technical difficulties while podcasting!

2019 Week 18 Review / Week 19 Preview

With the season reaching a dramatic crescendo it's Nick, Stads, and Ben who look at a frenetic past week, a crucial coming week, and some vanity stats along the way.

2019 Week 17 Review / Week 18 Preview

Nick, Jeremiah, and a special guest co-host review a week where the impossible happened and preview a week where the impossibler could just happen too!

2019 Week 16 Review / Week 17 Preview

Nick and Stads take a look at a curious Week 16 and preview a Week 17 that's absolutely jam packed with action!

2019 Week 15 Review / Week 16 Preview

Nick, Jeremiah, and Stads are back at it with an incredibly tight week to review and an exceptionally promising week ahead.

2019 Week 14 Review / Week 15 Preview

Nick and Stads have their hands full with this episode of The Weekly Show between the Bowl Week, Trade Deadline, Cottage Weekend, Week 15, and much more!

2019 Week 13 Review / Week 14 Preview

Nick and Stads are back to look at a week of highs and lows and preview the most fun Shield/Bye/Bowl Week ever!

2019 Week 12 Review / Week 13 Preview

Nick teams up with a special guest star co-host for an extra intense episode of everybody's favourite weekly program.

2019 Week 11 Review / Week 12 Preview

The Weekly Show is back to being back once again as Nick and Jeremiah deliver and extra spicy episode.

2019 Week 8 Review / Week 9 Preview

An unorthodox episode of The Weekly Show sees Nick and Jeremiah spell it out: some teams are good, some are bad, and only we know which are which.

2019 Week 7 Review / Week 8 Preview

Nick and Jeremiah are back at it after a brief vacation with only the freshest takes on who's hot, who's not, and who ought... to listen to The Weekly Show!

2019 Week 5 Review / Week 6 Preview

The original trio are reunited as Nick, Jeremiah, and Jemil discuss all the latest happenings in the FFFF and all the things to come.

2019 Week 4 Review / Week 5 Preview

The Weekly Show makes its triumphant return in a very special episode featuring guest co-host Cam.

2019 Draft Recap Special

The Weekly Show gang is back together after a long winter apart as Nick, Jemil, and Jeremiah are back to review each team's draft hits and misses

Top 10 Flexes

Tillo turns his analytical eye to the subject of Flexes and lists his favourites in another exciting edition of the Tillo Top 10.

2018 Finals Review / Offseason Preview

Nick and new league champion Mike Kaminski sit down to discuss his path to victory, those who are joining him in the winner's circle, and what the future holds on this season finale episode of The Weekly Show

2018 Finals Day 6 Review / Finals Day 7 Preview

Nick and the most popular guest co-host of the week set the stage for the most important day of fantasy baseball in the history of the world

2018 Finals Day 4 Review / Finals Day 5 Preview

Nick and recent Vase winner Aidan gather to talk about his plans for the offseason, a dramatic day of fantsay baseball, and another day with the potential to see a massive shift occur.

2018 Finals Day 3 Review / Finals Day 4 Preview

At the midpoint of the week Nick and Cam look at where the crucial matchups are at, who has the edge, and one wildcard factor that could change everything.

2018 Finals Day 2 Review / Finals Day 3 Preview

Nick and Ian look at a surprising comeback, a less suprising one, and a shocking trend that could be a difference maker in the 2018 FFFF Finals

2018 Finals Day 1 Review / Finals Day 2 Preview

Nick and a special mystery guest from outside of the league look back at an exciting first day of the finals and a second day with the potential to change everything.

2018 Playoff Round 2 Review / Finals Day 1 Preview

The first podcast of finals week starts with Nick and Flex looking at how exactly we got this point and what the first day might have in store for this climactic showdown.

2018 Playoff Round 1 Review / Round 2 Preview

Nick and Flex reflect on an exciting and tumoltuous first round of the playoffs while previewing the incredible slate of matchups to come.

2018 Week 20 Review / Playoff Preview

On this extra special episode of The Weekly Show it's a team of Nick and Garth Newton who look at the decisive final week of the regular season and preview what should be the most exciting playoff first round of all time.